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The top 8 scores count toward the League Score

RankPlayer NameLeague
09-09-1709-23-1710-06-1710-14-1710-21-1711-03-1711-11-1711-18-1712-01-1712-15-1701-12-1801-28-1802-09-1802-18-1803-09-1803-30-1804-13-1804-20-1805-04-1805-11-1806-02-18Play Up 1Play Up 2
1Henry Ros400145 (1st)130125
2Indrit Metarapi195100 (3rd)95 (3rd)
2Christopher Hoppe19565130 (1st)
4Barry King190115 (2nd)75 (2nd)
5Will Carroll180125 (1st)55
5William Parrilli18095 (1st)85
7Frank Agrella165105 (4th)60
8Nathan Yu125125 (1st)
9Gabriel Mayuga1005545
9Vincenzo Bono100304030
11Elijah Swanstrom9595 (2nd)
12Kyle Mayuga9090 (4th)
12Jed Sia9090 (3rd)
14Brady Barnes855035 (4th)
15Savith Tata7575 (2nd)
16Braden Pollard7070
17Rahul Ravisundar6565
18Rishi Mahadevan603525
19Eric Yuan5050
20Connor Carroll4040
21Ryan Olsen2525 (3rd)
22Keegan Mottet2020
23Adian Vergara1515
24Dylan Steklac1010
24Kaustubh Kondapalli1010

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