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The top 8 scores count toward the League Score

RankPlayer NameLeague
09-09-1709-15-1709-29-1710-07-1710-15-1710-27-1711-11-1712-01-1712-08-1701-05-1801-19-1802-09-1802-17-1803-02-1803-10-1803-30-1804-13-1805-06-1805-11-1806-02-18Play Up 1Play Up 2
1Connor Carroll245110 (1st)135 (1st)
2Tyler Werner15090 (2nd)60
3Benedict Zajeski105105 (2nd)
4Kieran Goldstein8080 (4th)
4Will Tallard8080 (3rd)
6Brennen Maxeiner5555
6casey lynch5555
8Joseph Doherty5050
8Nathan Yu5050
10Julius Sparacino4040
11Rich Simonds3535
12Diart Metarapi2525

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