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The top 8 scores count toward the League Score

RankPlayer NameLeague
09-16-1609-23-1610-08-1610-14-1610-22-1611-04-1611-19-1612-02-1612-11-1612-16-1612-31-1601-22-1701-27-1702-18-1703-03-1703-10-1703-31-1704-08-1704-21-1705-05-1706-03-17Play Up 1Play Up 2
1Janet Buenrostro840145 (1st)140 (1st)145 (1st)125 (1st)150 (1st)135 (1st)
2naya weems80590 (2nd)105 (2nd)110 (1st)7580 (4th)85 (2nd)130 (1st)130 (1st)70 (3rd)
3Kaya Trumbo780120 (1st)120 (1st)75 (3rd)90 (3rd)6595 (1st)125 (1st)90 (2nd)
4Alexandra Nehme41580 (2nd)50100 (2nd)85 (2nd)100
5Mela Zimkus30585 (2nd)5080 (4th)90 (2nd)
6Sophia Raval2607080 (2nd)65 (3rd)45 (2nd)
6Ria Iyer26045115100
8Lizzie Egerman20565 (2nd)304565
9Hilary Llamas20045 (3rd)65 (4th)90
10Audrey Provine1901060120 (1st)
11Kylie Phommasack180405555 (3rd)30
11ana newsome18025 (4th)90 (2nd)65
13Madeline Tallard175405580 (3rd)
13Daniela Giacopelli17545 (3rd)20 (3rd)55 (4th)55 (4th)
15Taylor Trojan17060 (3rd)110 (1st)
16Angela Pasquini13050 (4th)3545 (4th)
17Macy Biggam110110 (3rd)
17Adrianna Nehme11060 (4th)2030
19Jane Price100100 (2nd)
20Isha Desai905040
21Neha Kumar8585 (2nd)
22Cate Judy805030
23Saniah Calvin5050
24Shannon Lukaszuk4545
25Emma Grindstaff4040
25ALEXIS CAVILES4040 (3rd)
27Payton Carroll3535
27Anjali Patel3535 (4th)
29Carrington Patterson3030
30Kate Varak2020

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