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The top 8 scores count toward the League Score

RankPlayer NameLeague
08-27-1609-10-1609-24-1610-08-1610-16-1610-29-1611-11-1611-25-1612-09-1612-17-1601-06-1701-21-1702-03-1702-18-1702-25-1703-03-1703-19-1703-31-1703-31-1704-14-1704-22-1705-07-1705-12-1706-03-17Play Up 1Play Up 2
1Payton Carroll77580 (2nd)60105 (1st)125 (1st)5070 (3rd)120 (1st)140 (1st)75 (3rd)35
2Maya Doonan67095 (1st)70 (4th)90 (2nd)2590 (3rd)5580 (3rd)120 (2nd)70 (2nd)
3Amelia Karr61590 (4th)105 (2nd)80 (4th)120 (1st)110 (2nd)110 (1st)
4Mela Zimkus51585 (2nd)120 (1st)135 (1st)9085
5Kaya Trumbo485130 (1st)110 (1st)125120
6Ria Iyer420120 (1st)85 (2nd)115100
7Clare Hewitt32540407065 (4th)70 (4th)40
8Sahithi Challam24050105 (2nd)85 (2nd)
9Jane Carter22570 (3rd)3075 (2nd)50
10Saniah Calvin180130 (1st)50
11Madalyn Finke175504580 (4th)
12Adrianna Nehme160706030
13ALEXIS CAVILES9555 (3rd)40
14Renee Qin9090 (2nd)
15Rachel Abraham8080 (1st)
16Anna Steinarsson7575 (3rd)
16Jacqueline Yap7575 (2nd)
18Maggie Naughton701030 (4th)15 (3rd)15
18Bailey Abbott703040
20Lindsey White6060 (2nd)
20Sriya Kota6060
22Emma Segobiano502525
22Gabriella Sauer5050 (3rd)
24Simran Agarwal4040
25Abby Allen3535 (4th)
25Skylar Skinner3535
27Parker Zautcke3030

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