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The top 8 scores count toward the League Score

RankPlayer NameLeague
09-10-1609-23-1610-15-1611-04-1611-18-1612-02-1612-11-1601-01-1702-10-1703-10-1703-19-1704-07-1704-21-1705-05-1706-03-17Play Up 1Play Up 2
1Payton Carroll755135 (1st)115 (1st)110 (1st)130 (1st)140125
2Jane Carter540105 (2nd)135 (1st)45 (3rd)110 (1st)7570
3Clare Hewitt185457070
3Skylar Skinner18575 (2nd)45 (3rd)30 (2nd)35
5Rachel Abraham180100 (2nd)80
6Madeline Chaggaris17585 (2nd)90 (2nd)
7Rachelle Qin125125 (1st)
8Parker Zautcke9035 (4th)25 (3rd)30
9Kaelyn Hines3030 (3rd)
10Delaney Stock2020 (4th)
11Lauren Lin1515 (4th)
12Chelsea Orlandi1010 (3rd)

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