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The top 7 scores count toward the League Score

RankPlayer NameLeague
08-27-1609-02-1609-17-1609-30-1610-22-1611-11-1611-25-1612-03-1612-09-1601-06-1701-21-1702-03-1706-03-17Play Up 1Play Up 2
1Jeremy Kang405125 (1st)140 (1st)140 (1st)
2Aditya Ramachandran130130 (1st)
2Rahul Ravisundar130130 (1st)
4Ben Marks10560 (2nd)45 (2nd)
5Kevin Schultz754035
6Karthik Myneni6565 (2nd)
7Frank Agrella5555 (3rd)
8Vishwa Salem4040 (4th)
8Nate White4040
10Senthooran Kalidoss3535 (2nd)
11Arya Nalluri3030 (2nd)

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