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The top 8 scores count toward the League Score

RankPlayer NameLeague
09-10-1609-23-1610-14-1611-04-1611-18-1612-02-1601-14-1701-27-1702-11-1702-19-1703-10-1703-25-1704-01-1704-21-1704-29-17Play Up 1Play Up 2
1Tyler Batt365105 (1st)125 (1st)95 (2nd)40
2August Nelson30590 (2nd)105 (1st)110 (1st)
3Arya Govula295110 (1st)10085
4Charlie Weichman190145 (2nd)45 (3rd)
5Cole Palese18530 (3rd)85 (2nd)25 (3rd)45 (3rd)
6Laksh Mehta130130 (1st)
7Jacob Kim100100 (1st)
8Diart Metarapi6010 (2nd)25 (3rd)25 (4th)
9Marc Cheng5050 (2nd)
10Rafi Dennison3030 (4th)
10Bryce Shechtman3030 (2nd)

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